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Grow Your Business With Clickphone

  Don’t buy new desk phones  

Present your customers with a professional welcome message

Get any UK landline on your mobile 

Don’t buy expensive telephone handsets (but if you really want one you can). Use the expensive telephone handset that’s already in your pocket.

Make a great first impression with a bespoke Clickphone account all of your business incoming calls will be answered with a recorded greeting unique to your company and then promptly directed to the person best equipped to deal with the call. “Thank you for calling Heather’s Beauty Services” Press 1 for new appointments Press 2 for all other calls Press 3 for opening hours

Get any UK landline on your mobile or port your existing numbers over to us. Differentiate between business calls and personal calls on your mobile. 

Effective Communication



Clickphone has everything you need to communicate and collaborate simply with customers and colleagues – it’s your corporate telephony, PBX, video and chat combined in one cloud-based solution. We think it should be just as simple to use phone and PBX services as it is to use your own mobile. The service is easy to adapt to your needs – in Clickphone you can handle all your own administration.

For other Hosted VoIP systems a mobile app is an afterthought, if they have one at all. Clickphone designed the platform for mobile phones first.

Over 100,000 business users and more than 14,000 companies already use Clickphone platform.