We know how hard it is to run a small business -everybody is after your time ,and time is money as they say.

Often you feel that there is not enough hours in the day. You don’t have 4 people sitting in accounts to handle those invoice queries, you are the accounts department.

A big business will have a Unified Communication Cloud telephone system to make it easy for customers and suppliers to get through to the right people and for staff to communicate with each other quickly and easily saving the company time and money buy making staff more productive

So a small business having less people often not in one location  it is more important to have those big business telephone features in place that can keep your customers happy  save you time and make your business grow.

Clickphone has designed a small business cloud telephone system with the same feature set that a large corporation would use at a small business price.

Lets have a closer look at some time saving telephone Features

With Live Chat growing in popularity on companies websites the good old Auto Attendant is still an essential feature in how you communicate with customers

Auto Attendant also called a Virtual Assistant. We or you record a welcome message which presents callers with professional image of your company. By getting creative with the message you use you can encourage the type of caller that you actually want to speak to  eg ” Thank you for calling (your business name) if you are an existing customer press 1 or if you are a new customer press 2 or if you know the extension of the person you are calling  press 3″ You might want to divert option 2 to a call answering service if your team are busy- we can help you decide the best call flow. If you have to close your business unexpectedly due to bad weather or staff sickness  you can quickly re record your message.

Give you callers music on hold  and callers can be interrupted with a bespoke Advertising message of a monthly promotion or special offer, this converts busy lines into sales opportunities.

If you miss a call see the last 100 calls and call them back-Separate business calls from social calls and prioritise who can call you directly 

Choose which number to present for each outgoing call- Main business line or personal DDI or mobile number. Text chat to colleagues its quicker than email. Presence-see which of your colleagues are on the phone or available ,then call them its quicker and easier to talk than to leave a voicemail .

For training and conflict resolution record the call with one click-Reach out to customers and colleagues with Video conferencing share files and documents.   These are just some of the 60 time saving  features  that Clickphone offer your business all from your mobile phone.